The Beauty of Forgiveness

Letting go of past hurts isn’t the easiest thing we are called to do.  But let’s make no mistake about it, we ARE CALLED to do it.  God is VERY clear on this subject. Continue reading


Fractured Beauty (Surviving Infidelity)

Have you seen that photo floating around the Internet of a bowl interwoven with Gold?  That bowl had been broken into many pieces and in Japanese culture instead of throwing that bowl out the potter fuses the broken pieces back together with gold.  This craft is called Continue reading

Salted Caramel Whipped Topping (THM S)

This Salted Caramel Whipped Topping is one of those super simple recipes that you can make in a cinch.  You’ll wonder why it isn’t in your fridge all the time ready for a plump strawberry to be dipped in it…or smeared on top

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Keep your Fights Clean

Have you ever heard the saying “It’s best to keep your fights clean and your sex dirty”?   Well it might be a naughty saying (wink wink) but there is a wisdom in there.

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A Traveler’s Guide to THM

a road trip

Sure road-tripping is fun, the open road the passing scenery…..but what about when you get hungry? That’s no problem if you don’t care about what you put in your body.  Just grab a bag of chips….a can of soda and you’re set.  But Wait!!!!  That’s going to wreak havoc on your blood sugars, your insulin is going to sky rocket and you’re going to crash (I know poor choice of words, but bare with me here).  So what can you eat that won’t leave you bottoming out and falling asleep at the wheel?  Something that won’t be stored as fat and make you feel gross.  Well, that’s what I’m hear to share with you, there’s LOTS of great food ideas!!!

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Chicken Curry (THM E)

Chrissy Benoit in Love

I was taught this recipe years ago by a student of mine (back in the days of teaching aesthetics). She was from Pakistan and had a gift, a true gift, for making the most delicious authentic Pakistani food. I’m forever in her debt for teaching me her family’s traditional Chicken Curry dish…. It instantly became my favorite comfort food. Though it makes my taste buds dance and tingle ever so slightly, it deeply soothes my soul. 🙂

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White Lasagna (THM S)

So delicious….try it today!

Chrissy Benoit in Love

I was really craving some of my homemade, low-carb Alfredo sauce, but didn’t have any of my favorite low-carb noodles….but I did have low-carb lasagna noodles…So I thought I’d try my hand at a white lasagna. Glad I did! It’s delicious!

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