Menu Plans


Having a plan is 1/2 the battle, in my opinion.  I love knowing what I have in my fridge at any given time.  I love knowing exactly what meals, snacks or drinks I have ready to create. It takes the pressure off and leaves me time and money to have for other things.  Did you say money for other things?  Why yes I did!   Having a the menu plan saves you big bucks.  It eliminates the “eating out” costs you can incur when you have no sweet clue what to make for supper, and it’s already 6pm and you’re starving.  Having a grocery list stops you from recklessly entering the grocery store all ‘willy nilly’ and loading up your cart without a plan.  It keeps you from making off plan purchases that will in the end sabotage your efforts to get healthier.   Those off plan items add up….they aren’t cheap….bye bye money, and bye bye waist line.

So since making a plan is something I love to do I thought why not share that with you?

Find my menu plans here, feel free to use them as you see fit.  I will make every effort to post a new menu every week (or bi-weekly sometimes I go CrAzY and make a two week meal plan), with the link or information where you can find those recipes.  Sometimes you’ll see a comment that look like “see sweets folder”  in order to find that folder you need to follow me on Pinterest to find all listed recipes.
Keep in mind that unless otherwise stated I’m a total THM freestyler…..I love to mix it up so you’ll be sure to get a great mix of S (deep S as well), E, FP’s meals to keep your body guessing and fully nourished.  If you’re wondering what on earth is THM or what S, E, and FP’s are then you have yet to learn about the best weight-loss plan around… ever….Trim Healthy Mama(learn more here).  I’m not whistling dixie here…’s the answer for the hopeless and joy for the downcast!  Read my personal THM testimony here.



January 31st – February 14th-2016 Menu Plan