I’ve had my share of ups and downs in love.  I’ve been deeply loved,  and deeply wounded.  I’ve shouted my love from the mountain tops, but I’ve also felt the depths of the darkest valleys.  I’ve walked hand in hand with the man God has “joined” me to (Matt 19:6, Mark 10:9 ESV), and in that walk I’ve been blessed beyond measure, and at times hurt beyond my wildest imaginations.  This is my marriage…..  I won’t say all marriages will go through the joys and pains mine has, but it’s the risk you run when two people, that are prone to sin, come together to live out life.  15 years of marriage may not seem like an eternity, but to me it’s a testament to forgiveness, grace, and patience backed up by an immense amount of love and passion.  We’ve “been there and back”…..we’ve faced issues that destroy marriages and we’ve, by the grace of God, made it through the storms to be a living testimony to His heart for marriage (or at least we try to be).

I’ve held a deep desire to share my thoughts on this subject for a long time.  I want to see women freed of the bondage the secular world has brought them to, and see the freedom in being the women God’s called them to be, a Proverbs 31 example of true women-hood, and motherhood.   I look forward to sharing what God places on my heart with you….and hearing what you have to share back.  ❤   Check back often for new entries.


With love,

Chrissy Benoit