Swirly Cinnamon Zucchini Bread (THM S)

I’ve always loved Zucchini Bread.  I really enjoy how moist it always stays even a full week after it’s been made.  So I missed not being able to warm a couple pieces up in the morning to have with a coffee.  But it didn’t take me long to perfect this recipe.  I love working with the THM Baking Blend.  It’s really superior to all other gluten free baking mixes.

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Tex Mex Breakfast Scramble (THM Deep S)

I’ve fallen in love with this breakfast and can’t get enough of it.  I’ve even made it for supper.  I can’t get over just how easy is it to make (literally less then 5 minutes from start to finish) and how satisfying is it.

I have no problem with this meal holding me a full three+ hours until my next meal.  This can be a struggle for me so I’m always happy to find a meal that makes this a non issue.

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Chicken Curry (THM E)

Chrissy Benoit in Love

I was taught this recipe years ago by a student of mine (back in the days of teaching aesthetics). She was from Pakistan and had a gift, a true gift, for making the most delicious authentic Pakistani food. I’m forever in her debt for teaching me her family’s traditional Chicken Curry dish…. It instantly became my favorite comfort food. Though it makes my taste buds dance and tingle ever so slightly, it deeply soothes my soul. 🙂

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White Lasagna (THM S)

So delicious….try it today!

Chrissy Benoit in Love

I was really craving some of my homemade, low-carb Alfredo sauce, but didn’t have any of my favorite low-carb noodles….but I did have low-carb lasagna noodles…So I thought I’d try my hand at a white lasagna. Glad I did! It’s delicious!

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Easy Alfredo Sauce (THM S)

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Some of the best recipes you come across are also the easiest ones to execute.  This isn’t always the case mind you, but in this instance it is!  YAY!!  Happy Dance!  Who doesn’t love easy?  Just don’t be fooled by how easy this is, because this Easy Alfredo sauce is da BOMB!!!

I’m seriously ruined for life though, I can never order this when I’m at a restaurant as no one makes it like this.  So reader beware….you may find yourself like me, easily disappointed over the other guys recipes from here on out……but that’s a price I’m willing to pay.  😉 Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Muffins (THM S )

I love being able to grab two of these muffins to have with my Chrissy’s BP Coffee in the morning.   This recipe is a bit different then my single serve recipe in order to be good for my “no special ingredients” peeps to throw together….look for the *NSI measurements. ❤
These decadent chocolate chip muffins are a family favorite.  I bring these little gems on road trips and outings to keep us ‘on plan’and nourished. (learn more about Trim Healthy Mama here)

I know you’re family will love these muffins as well, and you’ll love how  healthy they are for your family to enjoy.  Have two in a setting.

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Salmon Cream Bisque (THM S)

Oh man I was feeling HaNgRy!! (hungry + angry) I needed to eat, like yesterday….ever been that hungry?  Well… I felt like I wanted to go for all the bad stuff in the house, but I over came that craving, pulled up my big girl pants and started brain storming…something quick, something hearty and something satisfying….and did I say quick? LOL.  Continue reading