Swirly Cinnamon Zucchini Bread (THM S)

I’ve always loved Zucchini Bread.  I really enjoy how moist it always stays even a full week after it’s been made.  So I missed not being able to warm a couple pieces up in the morning to have with a coffee.  But it didn’t take me long to perfect this recipe.  I love working with the THM Baking Blend.  It’s really superior to all other gluten free baking mixes.

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Blueberry or ANYberry Muffins (THM S)


These simple muffins are great as the flour base is gluten free, low carb, THM legal, dairy free (when you use coconut oil instead of butter) and all components can be readily picked up from most major grocery stores in North America.  No ordering and waiting…and waiting, and no pesky shipping fees.  Just warm sweet blueberry loveliness.  ❤

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Chocolate Chip Muffins (THM S )

I love being able to grab two of these muffins to have with my Chrissy’s BP Coffee in the morning.   This recipe is a bit different then my single serve recipe in order to be good for my “no special ingredients” peeps to throw together….look for the *NSI measurements. ❤
These decadent chocolate chip muffins are a family favorite.  I bring these little gems on road trips and outings to keep us ‘on plan’and nourished. (learn more about Trim Healthy Mama here)

I know you’re family will love these muffins as well, and you’ll love how  healthy they are for your family to enjoy.  Have two in a setting.

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Pumpkin MIM (THM S)

I have all this lovely canned Pure Pumpkin sitting in my pantry waiting for me to use it.  I had a few ideas with what I wanted to create and a quick MIM was one of them.  Continue reading

Basic Pie Crust (THM S)

Finally a pie crust that works on the Trim Healthy Mama plan that tastes good…..Now let the many variations of pie making begin, and let it be delicious!!  This makes a nice dense, but somehow flaky crust as well, making it perfect for S fuel, THM on plan, pies and your palate. Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Muffin in a Mug (THM S)



I’ve love the thought the chocolate chip cookie dough and I will make my Raw Cookie Dough recipe often (See Recipe Here), but when I am missing that warm, right out of the oven, melty chocolate yumminess that goes so beautifully with a big glass of milk….almond milk that is, I make this little ditty. 😉 Continue reading

Nili’s Baking Mix

This baking blend as created by Nili Barrett.   I happen to think it compares to the THM baking blend quite wonderfully,  so, with her permission, I thought I’d post it on my blog since she doesn’t have one.
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