Salted Caramel Apple Bullet Proof Tea (THM S)

This tea tastes just like those ridiculously delicious Caramel Apples you find at the fair, except that this cup of tea is a “superfood fats” rich, deeply nourishing, caffeine free, sugar free all “around great for you” cup of deliciousness.
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French Dressing (THM S)

My kids are BIG French dressing-aholics.  I am not such big a fan of buying them a dressing that’s so loaded with sugar.  YUCK!  Bad for their brains, bodies and overall health.  So I set out to make a THMified version and it’s bang on. Continue reading

Foxy Tea (THM S)

Foxy Tea is the same libido boosting “hot” drink as the Foxy Coffee, just without the coffee.  You get all the same benefits without the coffee flavor….it’s a win win.

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Foxy Coffee (THM S)

I’ve loved this drink for many reasons and many years.  It’s original name is “Sex Coffee” *Blush*  now there’s nothing wrong with the word sex, I just prefer the word Foxy as it’s a bit more discreet. ❤  Besides tasting like you stepped into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, it’s also supposed to boost your libido which is never a bad thing….wink wink.
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Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Smoothie (THM S)

My super handsome husband(swoon, tee hee) came up with this 4 ingredient ( I know only 4 ingredients!!) super thick and yummy smoothie months ago and I can’t think of anything better to appease my PB&J cravings.  Such a great AND healthy on plan smoothie to have…….kids really love it, and ask for it for dessert almost every night!!!  Yes it is that good!! Hope you love it too.  🙂 ❤ Continue reading

Wake Up Peppermint Oolong Shrinker (THM FP)

This little drink packs a “wake-up” punch!  Load of calorie burning Oolong tea, and the soothing cooling taste of Peppermint tea really make this one something special.  I hope you love it as much as I do!! ❤
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Eggnog Oolong Tea (THM S drink)

This festive drink, will get you through the Holiday season! A lovely eggnog flavored tea, without the sugar, egg, or alcohol!
Goes great with, or after an S fuel meal.  (Don’t know what S fuel meal means visit here to learn more about Trim Healthy Mama).

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