Chrissy’s BP Coffee (THM – S)

There’s something immediately soothing about a big ‘ol cuppa Joe in the morning. I have an immediate response to it.  It’s EUPHORIC!  (Yeah, I’m yelling, it’s really that good!) It’s one of a favorite parts of waking up to a new day! ❤

Since starting my journey on Trim Healthy Mama a few months back (read about my experience with THM so far here) I’ve been introduced to a coffee drink called “Bullet Proof Coffee”.  At first I wasn’t totally won over with it, it needed some personalizing…… that’s exactly what I did!! Since making it my own, my “S” breakfasts are rarely without it.



Chrissy’s BP Coffee

2 cups – Strongly brewed coffee (decaf works great too)
2 tsp – Coconut oil or MTC Oil
2 tsp – Butter
1 tsp – Whey Powder Isolate
1 tsp – Vanilla or Caramel Extract
2 tsp – Cocoa powder
3 doonks – Pure stevia extract (or sweetener of choice)

Place all ingredients in a blender (full size blender that can handle hot temps) and blend on high for 1 minute.
Pour into mug and Enjoy!!

With Love,



5 thoughts on “Chrissy’s BP Coffee (THM – S)

  1. Love it! I’ve drank this for almost two years- and can’t get enough! I have started shaving a bit of cocoa butter onto the top of my drink this past week along with some collagen as well- and wow- super yummy!


  2. Thank you,
    I love your page! Thank you for sharing your journey and your tips. I especially loved your road tripping tips. I’m always running errands with the littles and need a quick not blood sugar crashing snack.


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